Vineyard Wedding: Florence, AZ

Arizona is a warm winter desert, enriched with succulent cactus, wild red sunsets, a few pine forests, tons of high desert, and red rock spires. It is also quickly becoming known for it's excellent growing climates for grapes, olives and nuts. Along with grapes are the Vineyards and popular wedding venues. Florence, AZ is home to the most popular wedding venue in Phoenix, The Windmill Winery. You can be married by the Lake House, the Windmill, or the big red barn. One of the most beautiful barn venues in Arizona, The Winery accommodates large weddings at a very reasonable price, and is considered one of the best values in the Phoenix area.

With quaint bridal prep cottages, and romantic rose garden pathways, the photo opportunities are endless. This venue is always a wise choice in the Phoenix metropolitan area. A similar venue of value in the northern part of Arizona worth looking into is Rancho Los Lagos, near Sedona, AZ.