Hello ! I'm Bon Miller

Supporter of Wolves & Wildlife

I ventured far from familiar to pursue this dream. Thank God the universe has supported my vision. I believe when we allow our courage to have full reign and take the freedom to express, our greatest work will emerge.

I believe every wedding image is an opportunity to awaken your heart for years ahead. A personal, unscripted experience when allowed to blossom organically, will unveil your larger more daring story of romance and courage that brought you to this new chapter in your lives. If this is exciting for you, you possibly could be the couple for me.

I’m the photographer that likes to slip off with her couple, away from the crowd, to chase the delicious master piece that speaks volumes about your dreams and adventures as a team.

I could document your minute to minute details of your day, using a checklist, however, I would then become your cookie cutter wedding photographer. To deliver the compelling imagery you desire, I must take off the photographers hat and put on the artists’, and challenge myself to innovate beyond a checklist. I will hand any “shot list” to my 2nd shooter, and run for the gold.

On your day I will be your friend, your professional, your personal coach, and that fly on the wall with a camera. I will encourage you to laugh, dance, cry with joy, embrace your uniqueness, and breathe in your passion for this adventure called life. For therein lies your greatest story ever told.

I love the smell of rain in the desert, snow in the pine trees, and smoke from a fire. My wolf-dogs are my best friends. I love to come home to homemade chocolate chip cookies, after a peddle so hard on my mountain bike that I can’t grab that next breath. I drink ridiculous amounts of macha tea with cream, stay up too late watching Creative Live, and dream endlessly of fairytales and creative concepts to photograph. I am a Leo, born in the year of the Chinese dog, loyal to a fault, and spoil my family like crazy. Yes, I believe in marriage and soulmates.