The artistry of intimacy


An intimate photo session of a couple alone on their wedding day is a living, breathing art that tells the story of their intimacy style through their body language. In my opinion, it is one of the most important aspects of the day, as these photos will be viewed more than any other photos of the entire wedding day for years to come. They are a reflection of how the couple speaks without words, showcasing their affection and adoration of each other.


Each couple has their own unique way of expressing how they feel. It unfolds candidly as the light changes, their mood changes, and the opportunities blossom. When a couple is willing to trust and participate, to be open to the process and possibilities,  unbelievable artistry is composed. It requires team playing and an honest interest in creating amazing photography.


As a romance photographer, I am interested in capturing connection and intimacy beyond the cookie cutter wedding photography. I am interested in showcasing the landscape and the light as it falls low in the horizon. This is a romantic time of day, as we put aside our daily duties and fall into the arms of our loved ones, safe and relaxed.


Each bridesmaid received a personal heart warming letter of appreciation for being in her life, and matching gold bracelets to remember their friendship by.


The Groomsmen were fun, engaging, and ready to celebrate the big day!


The groom placed a beautiful diamond necklace into a carved book as a surprise gift. It was no ordinary book, however, it was a diary of their first few years together, complete with photos, words of intimacy, shared thoughts and admiration. A piece of art work to be revered for life.



The Ceremony and Reception were held at the Agave of Sedona, downtown Sedona. Catering was provided by Fresh from the Kitchen, based in Phoenix.

Videography provided by Everlasting Cinema, based in Arizona.

Bon Miller is a romance photographer and student of body language and human connection, available in Arizona and worldwide.