Cathedral Vortex, feminine romance

Sedona is known for it's energy vortexes

According to the vortex experts, they are natural geomagnetic points that radiate energy, said to strengthen the inner being when near them.  Cathedral Rock and the Red Rock Crossing is one of the main four Sedona vortexes, a feminine energy I like to think of as "romance" energy.  For more information click here.


Cathedral Rock is a commanding scramble up to the view point.  Expect to take 35 to 45 min. from the Back O' Beyond Trail head, if you are in shape. (Demanding climb on all fours, at times.)


Once at the top, there are small ledges to enjoy the view both to the east and west for sunset or sunrise, the best time of day for photographs.  I recommend my couples hike in casual clothes, with good griping hiking shoes, packing their portrait attire in a backpack.  The fall and the spring are the busiest for tourism. It's an amazing location if you want to take the time for epic scenery.