Dyrholaey: the hill island with the door hole

A sensory experience, a week bonding together in a van, sharing our passion for photography, our knowledge in the wedding industry, our pets, pet peeves, and secret dreams, as a part of a workshop called Raw and Develop. An expedition with some of the best film and digital creatives, all seeking to taste and smell the extreme power and beauty of southern Iceland. With the commanding leadership of Christina Zen Studio, Lear Miller Weddings, Bud Johnson of Common Spark Media, and The Find Lab, a handful of inspiring up and coming camera artists journeying together in hopes of capturing the obvious visual beauty of epic plunging waterfalls, the famous glacier lagoon, the random misty caves, and finally, the wedding at Dyrholaey for UV and Jorge, sweetheart owners of Uvvisons photography. 

The lighthouse at Dyrholaey was particularly stunning, sitting high upon the peninsula overlooking the sea of southern Iceland. A unique opportunity during the month of September only, for a luxury lighthouse hotel stay over. Apparently the area was filled with eagles nesting in the rocks in the early 1800's, and now a popular sighting for the Atlantic Puffin

A 2 1/2 hour drive from our airport arrival into Reykjavik, we caravanned to Vic, the southern most village in Iceland, a short drive to Dyrholaey. It was a gorgeous day in June overlooking the hole in the rock. We had spent a week traveling together, taking landscape photos, working with models, hiking to waterfalls, hot springs, laughing, and staying up all night in excitement for the experiences we were having. This wedding day, the birds swooned upon us, the only background song for the wedding vows, as Bud Johnson officiated the ceremony. We were family, tears flowing, feeling their joy as a newlywed couple, all sharing in a voyage of hearts. I remember watching through my camera, trying hard to hold still, to hold focus, to capture their memories as I would want mine to be. The seabirds, the light breeze, the sloshing of waves in the distance, the quiet, the noise, the joyous laughter between UV and Jorge, and the supportive words of Bud Johnson, engraved in my mind forever, a wedding I will always reflect upon.