A fun afternoon! Are you the romantic type, or the fun adventurous couple with an agenda? Prior to meeting up, we’ll chat about some creative ideas that will interpret your lifestyle as a couple and locations that may have a shared meaning for both of you. Clothes can be a great inspiration, as well as props, activities, hikes and pets. We will spend 2 to 3 hours together, changing outfits, locations, and activities.

We encourage you to have a unique engagement session, documenting your personal style, and maybe choosing a meaningful location. Maybe we visit your proposal sight, your favorite hiking trail, or a romantic sunset at the water’s edge? Tell me what your favorite afternoon together would be like.

We usually schedule our engagement sessions for non-wedding days, Monday -Thursday, and meet up 2 - 3 hours before the golden hour of sunset, so you can look soft and romantic in the warm setting sun. Weather and season will often determine the variables, as well as the printing schedule for your “Save the Date” invites. Decide the seasonal look you are going for, such as the snow or changing colors in Flagstaff, the warm red rocks of Sedona, or the summer look by the water’s edge.

Choose a style that will compliment each other, as well as your personal look. Jeans go with jeans, dresses with slacks, and heels with dress shoes. Choose shades that will look great with the season or surrounding landscape colors. Soft neutrals are timeless and safe colors to match with the environment. Solid colors are always a safe bet.
Keep any patterns very simple. Wear comfortable clothing that will add to your confidence, avoiding mini-skirts, tube tops, and revealing items that will require adjustments. Let your personality shine through, using Pinterest for inspiration if you are unsure. Matching outfits, or color matching is not recommended, especially if you both wear white (or any color for that matter), it’s very hard to define your body lines. We will begin the shoot with the more casual look, and ending the shoot with the more fashionable outfits. Bring comfortable shoes if we will be hiking to a view location.

It’s not everyday you have a professional photo session, so prepare to look your best. Try out that beauty team you were considering for your wedding day. Your professional hair & makeup artist will suggest products and styles that will hold up for your all-day wedding, as well as offer suggestions for your specific skin tone and texture. Engagement sessions are $500 in the state of Arizona