When I first met Brittany and Dane,  we immediately had a connection and hit it off, as we were all about the outdoors and novel adventures. Dane shared that he works for the forestry and has a passion for rock climbing, boating, mountain biking as well as slack lining, and I learned that we share many of the same Northern AZ friends. Brittany had a big, quiet smile as Dane told some of their fun stories together. It was easy to see her free spirit that Dane was enamored over, as well as her ability to remain grounded as a massage therapist. I asked if they would be willing to pose for a few "composite" fine art photos during their engagement session. There was no question they were open for an artistic adventure. Below are 2 photos that were created at a local park in Sedona. We used the swing set as a prop, and I captured numerous images of each of them individually swinging, to get exactly the right angle and light that I needed to combine them in photoshop into one single image.  I keep an X- hard drive stocked with sky images I have captured on random days when the clouds look especially fabulous in the moment. Choosing a sky image from my stock, it shared similar lighting qualities with a sunny day puffy cloud feeling that I wanted to go with both images I had envisioned.  Brittany and Dane were true sports as I had them balance one foot at a time onto a slack line that Dane had brought. We tied it low to the ground so it was easy to step up onto, and we secured it close to an object they could easily grab to stay balanced for a few seconds, as I grabbed the individual shots I needed for the right look.  There are approximately 10 to 15 images composited together in photoshop to create the "slack liner".