Golf Course Wedding: Phoenix, AZ

Leo and Nikki have become personal friends of mine. We connected on an artistic level upon first meeting. Leo is a talented filmmaker from Phoenix, AZ with an eye for detail as well as a car enthusiast. We joined forces last year and created a short video of a magical stylized photo shoot, with wolves, princess' and a mythical shaman, in which Nikki designed the costumes and hand made the crystal crown to match the velvet gown. 

Their fall wedding was held at the Blackstone Country Club, a stunning golf resort venue in Peoria, AZ, . The architecture is unmatched by the numerous golf resorts in metropolitan Phoenix. Several courtyards draped in romantic bistro lighting, castle doorways, commanding arches as well as the rows of greenery and sunset vistas for portraits.

Outdoor weddings in Arizona are common as the weather is nearly always perfect somewhere in the state, all year around.