You want a photographer you can trust.

There is a sureness in your step, a swing in your hips, and a dance in your eyes when you can trust, relax, open your heart, and let your radiance be known. This is how I see you.


I started backpacking this year. I believe how we do one thing in our life translates into how we show up in all areas of our life. My first hike was into the Grand Canyon, 16 miles in one day from the Bright Angel to Cottonwood, returning the next day 16 miles up the south Kaibab in a snow blizzard. Little did I know I was being prepared to save a lost hiker with rhabdomyolysis in 2 weeks. From the Grand View route by headlamp, we hiked 23 miles straight into the canyon and back out by 3 AM on one of the most rugged, sketchy non-system trails in the Park. You really get to know yourself when you are pushed to your extreme limits. 

You are fully free when you can look pain in the face and still know you are safe within your own arms. The more freedom you express, the more you set an example of self leadership, and amplify the prison that others' choose. Life changing experiences are what makes us. I'm committed to growing, learning, and expanding my perceptions.  I am in love with life, mountain biking, backpacking, and traveling. I wear a giant heart on my face, next to my big smile. I believe in jumping in with both feet.


Everyone has a perfect day in mind for their wedding day. Your wholehearted connection is what ignites the fire in my soul and drives me to capture your romantic love story.

If you find my work inspiring, you also feel your heart, your connection with nature, your romance with sunsets, sunrises, and the earth. I will coach you through movement, swaying, touching, kissing, laughing, and together we will bring out your romantic side, and spontaneous enchanted moments. You will radiate with confidence, as you will feel your best self in the presence of wickedly creative artists that have your back. 


Your experience

We will laugh, chase butterflies, flip hair, swirl your dress, throw leaves in the air, and laugh some more.  Your playfulness is sexy, confident, and the most attractive accessory you own. Feeling your magic is about getting out of your head and into your body. 

I will be your professional, your artist, your friend, your fly on the wall. You are in safe hands to relax, and enjoy your best day.

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